The Best Hacks on Choosing the Right Bath Towel For Yourself

Thanks to the myriad options of towels flaunting an array of features, its intimidating to understand and rely on who would live up to their promises and claims. The tips and hacks given in this post would help you fill your cart with the ideal bath towel (ผ้าขนหนู, which is the term in Thai) that you have been searching for. Ensure to explore all the best-quality bath towels before you finalize your choice.

Look into the Fiber Content

Always look for 100% cotton towels as they are not only the fastest absorbing towels but also one of the softest to use. However, do not finalize your options on premium cotton-like Supima cotton or Egyptian cotton.

They are preferred for being the ideal cotton and are usually the best, however, they do not have much effect on durability, absorbency, and softness on the towel tests. One more option that you can take into consideration is either a blend of polyester or cotton. The cotton or polyester blend is quick-drying, expensive and lasts longer.

Check for Production Highlights

The towel lingo is quite tricky, but here are a few main keywords that you search with:

Ring-Spun Cotton– In this type of cotton, short and long fibers are twisted tightly. This twisting process makes the towel loops smooth and strong.

Combed Cotton– To eliminate the short fibers, the cotton is brushed, making way for a more durable and softer fabric.

Hydro, Micro, and Aerocotton– These are the brand names for the process of manufacturing to accelerate the absorbency and softness.

Twist– This is the definition of what the amount of loop’s yarn is twisted. A high twist lasts longer, however, the low twist amplifies the surface area to make way for a more absorbent and a plusher towel.

Examine the Towel Visually

Examining the towel visually doesn’t imply that you start feeling the softness of the towel in the store itself. The manufacturers might put finishes on the towels to soften them, however, the coating only comes after the wash. Rather concentrate on neatly folded edges, secured stitching to ensure good craftsmanship. This also keeps fraying at bay and helps with the durability of the towel.

Consider the Weight of the Towel

Usually, higher the towel weight, denser the towel gets followed by being more plush and absorbent. The towel is lightweight if it is measured in between 300-400 GSM, it is the medium weight if it is measured between 400-600 GSM and is the heaviest it if it is measured in between 600-900 GSM. The top-performing towels are however in between the range of 500-700 GSM.

Choosing a bath towel is up to your personal choice and preferences, however, cotton towels are generally the best for being the super-absorbent, soft, plush loops and so forth. The cotton-poly blended towels dry off quickly and last longer.

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