The Best Places To Put Company Logo on Jacket for Brand Promotion

If you are thinking about looking for a manufacture jacket which is the term in Thai) where your logo of the company would be there helping in promoting your brand. Then this is a very effective way of doing brand promoting in a much cost-efficient way of getting the same logo jackets.

Here are a few tips and suggestions which would help you when it comes to discussing where to put the logo. This would also help you in having a clear mind while you are placing an order. The advantages would be mentioned so that you could then choose where you want your company logo to be.

Logo on the Left Chest:

This is the most popular side for which most of the companies you would observe would go. This is a highly visible spot and therefore is a common choice. And it would help your company gain the highest visibility and exposure when your employees wear it in the office or outside.

It is a classic and sophisticated way of the logo showing to the whole world. Fashion-conscious always maintain an average size of the logo so that it is visible even if the customer is not too near the employee.

Logo on the Right Chest:

Though you would be doing it in the same position on the other side, it is not much of a popular position. But as an advantage, it would provide you with the benefit of attracting people towards your company because the logo has been placed in an unusual spot. With manufacture, the jacket makes sure of the spot where you want the company logo to be printed.

On the Back:

This is a popular spot that many companies go for. If you are at a public gathering or an event. People looking at the logo from the back would get an idea about your brand. This would be the best way by which you would be able to create waves regarding your company. The logo measurement should be significant so that it is visible from a distance.

You could also go for a logo on the sleeve which some companies do go for. It would make the jacket fashionable for your fashion-conscious employees as well. Thus, these are some of the common logo positions which you could go for when placing an order for jacket manufacturing.

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