The best women fall autumn trends of 2019

women fall autumn trends

Just like every other year, the fall of 2019 has brought forward some of the most exciting and quirky fashion trends which every fashionista is going to keep under their radar. This year we have seen many new and unique trends but some of them could also be traced back to the last few decades. Anyways, here are the latest women fall autumn trends 2019 you should know about.

Itty Bitty Bags

Small and cute, these bags have successfully given every women a brand new style statement. Basloe has mentioned that “We recommend combining two handbag trends by choosing snake print or croc-embossed leather, which are also big”. The bags are available in absurd small sizes which compliments almost every look of a woman without too much effort. It can hold accessory that might be a few dollars or an airpod. But it has own charm and women are just loving it globally.

The Millennial Purple

Purple seems to be the colour of 2019 with many of the renowned fashion designers focusing their attires and fashion products in this particular colour. The purple of all forms, be it Lavender Purple or Tyrian Purple are bisg used to give life to a host of products like shoes, bags, jackets etc. The trend of using purple as the favorite color has made way for elegant and aesthetic dresses which takes your entire appearance to a whole new level.

The Cape

One of the shows stealing items of the women fall autumn trends 2019 includes the cape. It is the strongest outwear silhouette that we have seen so far. Even celebrity fashion designers like Marc Jacobs have showcased several capes in their fashion shows and events. Women are just loving the new dominating look that seems to symbolize the strength and influence a woman can have. Even though capes are a bit expensive, you would want to buy one if you are a true fashionista.

The Use of Feather

This year, the trend of using feather has been on the row for every fashion designer. Feathers can be seen in almost every genre of attires and garments that can possibly be there. The addition of feather to the products adds a sense of harmony and delicacy to the overall look. It helps to provide a better appeal to the onlookers. Even world-famous fashion brands like Prada have used a wide variety of feathers on their dresses.

Cinched Suiting

The trend of Cinched Suiting is quite prominent in the women fall autumn trends 2019. Designers seem to use a belt and style it with blazers or suits around the waist but a bit upwards. The belts should be in contrast with the color of the dress. Designers at Prada and Marni showcases some magnificent ways in how it can be done. The best part of the trend is that you will not have to buy a brand new jacket or coat, but simply buy a good belt and style it accordingly to the overall attire.

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