The Perfect Bracelet Solutions for You Now

Indeed, it is essential to determine the size of your wrist when buying a bracelet so that you can choose a model that perfectly suits your style and that will suit you for a long time. To measure your wrist, all you need to do is take a soft tape measure or just a string and wrap around your wrist, making sure to leave a finger between the string and your skin.

If you want a looser fit, you can add an extra finger to this measurement. However, avoid going beyond two fingers to avoid the risk of losing an excessively loose bracelet. If you haven’t bothered to measure your wrist size before shopping, be aware that there are standard sizes for bracelets. The standard wrist size for a woman is about 19 cm, that of a man is 21 cm, and that of a child is 14 to 16 cm. The stackable bracelets are perfect ones there.

The Right Accessories

If all the accessories you wear are made of shiny metallic materials, it might look like you’re in a rap video and not in a good way. To avoid this, mix the metals with a natural element. Leather, for example, makes metal look masculine and the ensemble more discreet.

The bracelet you are wearing will convey a message and some people may wonder what it means. Choose a bracelet that goes with you and tells your story. Or if you don’t have to make up a story about a trip to Bali or something like that you have participated as an extra in a video of 50 Cent.

Remember: You can take off your bracelets

Surely you have one or two favorites, but you don’t have to wear them all the time. Not all bracelets are appropriate for all occasions.

For most formal situations we recommend that you choose a single fine, discreet and dark colored bracelet. You can also wear a gold or silver chain that matches the color of your cufflinks.

But what to do if you want to attract attention?

Certain moments, such as when you go to discos, concerts or sporting events, are perfect to use more attractive and attractive things. Use your style to distinguish yourself from others and don’t be afraid to jump in.

How To Wear The Bracelets

Instagram makes everything seem easy. The problem is that if you try to copy what you see on social networks you can end up becoming the “bracelet man”. A kind of caricature of an elegant man in which, instead of using the bracelets to enhance the look , what counts is the number of bracelets that fit on one arm.

The simpler the better

Style and elegance are achieved through balance or, to be more exact, a slight imbalance. Imagine that your wrists were a classic scale; Well, in that case, one side should weigh a little more than the other. This concept is known as visual weight.

On a practical level, this means that it is not good to put several bracelets on one wrist and none on the other. Wearing the same two is also not the most advisable … unless you are looking for a prisoner look with shackles and chains.

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