The Thin Line of Difference between Natural and Cultured Pearls

Natural pearls are rare to find. Pearl cultivation has made it easier to pave way for cultured pearls into the jewelry industry.

Reasons for Natural Pearls Being Rare

Natural pearls take years to form. If they are harvested too early, then the nacre will not be lustrous and will easily come off. A pearl is formed when a foreign particle finds its way inside the mussels or oysters. In order to protect them, a coating is formed over the foreign particle called as nacre. Layers upon layers of nacre are applied over the particles, thereby forming a perfect pearl.

Pearls can be of different shapes, sizes and colours. You might come across many online stores selling different variety of pearls. It is always better to go with the genuine dealers. One such website that is you one stop shop for all your pearl accessories is You can check out their pearl collection and search for the one that best suits your preferences.

Natural V/s Cultured Pearls

Many people often get confused between the two. Basic difference between the two includes:

  • Natural pearls are created when an irritant enters the shell accidently
  • In cultured pearls, the irritant is implanted inside the shell
  • It takes at least thousands of oysters to create a strand of pearl, cultured pearls require manual intervention
  • Natural pearls are expensive and rare, whereas cultured pearls are easily available and quite economical compared to rare pearls

One of the reasons why natural pearls are rare to find is due to ocean pollutions. Many oysters and other sea creatures are not able to survive, thus making it difficult to produce natural pearls.

Popularity of Cultured Pearls

Owning natural pearls is a dream coming true. Finding a natural pearl is not easy, plus the costs of these pearls are sure to drill a huge hole in your pocket.

This is the reason why people prefer to go in for cultured pearls as these are cultivated in a protected environment and are easily available.


In your search for natural pearls, you can easily get scammed by dealers without authentic certification. Ensure that you are well aware of what you are looking for in pearls, so that you make the right decision while purchasing one.

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