Tiny Box of Treasures

I am obsessed with tiny things. I love collecting small items, I find them really cute and easy to keep at the same time. My most favorite among all of them is a makeup gift box. The best makeup gift box I ever received is from my mom on my 10th birthday. They are the cutest makeup gift box I have ever seen in my entire life. They are adorable and I have always wanted one since I was a little girl but my mom never allowed me to have one. Now that I am a teen, my mom is more than happy to support me and she always let me feel that she has my back. Makes me think of the times I have ballet recital and how she is always there to support me all the way. My mom is there even then to do my makeup. She even bought me the best girls makeup kit from Petite n’ Pretty. They are just gorgeous! My friends adore them too.

Their makeup gift sets are simply to die for. All the glitz and glamour that they naturally have brings an unbelievable surge of happiness and excitement to me. They simply have the best makeup gift sets. Right now they have the Easter Brightest 9021-GLOW! Makeup gift set. It has my favorite glitter and glosses with sheer, buildable shades for eyes and cheeks. It is one of the best makeup for kids but their secret advantage is their non-toxic formulas that is created especially for kids and kids alike. They got the trifecta approval from dermatologists, pediatricians, and ophthalmologists.

This makeup set includes the all-time favorite and best seller 9021-GLOW! Eye and Cheek Palette. 10K Shine Lip Gloss, not just random color but you can pick any color you want. It’s your choice to shine. They have the full-sized Gen Glitter. It is full-sized but still extremely adorable. And of course, they have the Pink Sparkle Beauty Bag to complete the most amazing makeup gift set!

I am just in awe of their packaging and wonderful makeup creation. It is very appealing to people’s eyes. It simply catches everyone’s attention like this one time when I was preparing for a dance recital and I happened to put down my makeup set on top of the chair beside me, everyone who passed by either complimented or asked me a question about my makeup set. Questions like, where I bought them, how much they cost, what’s inside my makeup bag, etc. I was simply proud to say what was really in there at that time. I felt so proud I was able to get the best makeup gift box from my mom. She made a promise that she will get me the newest and the latest makeup gift sets from Petite n’ Pretty. It doesn’t matter how old I get, what matters is we know the value of the things that we want and we tend to enjoy the little things like that. I really appreciate what I have now and I thank God for those tiny boxes of treasures I now call the best girls makeup kit.

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