Tips on How to Dress on a First Date for Men

It is an unwritten rule that your first impression will determine how people will perceive and treat you. The same thing applies to relationships. Thus, you should make sure that you are at your best when dating. You may have good attributes, but lately, it seems like you don’t score with the ladies. This can be frustrating to anyone and may lead to low self-worth.

A little detail or change in the way you dress may be the deal-breaker to finding the girl of your dreams. Different situations may require you to dress differently, but there is still a way that you can achieve a dapper look that will attract the ladies. Here are some tips on how you should dress on your first day to ensure that you seal the deal.

Try to Look Like You Have Made an Effort, but Not too Much 

When dressing on your first date, you should try your best to look like you at least made some effort. The clothes you choose to put on should show that you spent some time choosing your clothing and you bought them with some intelligence.

You should wear an outfit that shows you are a man with good taste when it comes to how you dress. Simple yet modest clothes will show that you put some effort into the dressing, but you didn’t go over the top. No women want a man who spends more time getting ready than they do. In a nutshell, it would be best if you chose to dress in a way that shows that you know how to take care of your looks without exaggerating.

Have a Decent-Looking Wallet

In many of the scenarios when dating, a man would seem more polite or gentile if he pays for dinner. It will show that you are ready to take care of her financially, which is a vital aspect that some women may look for in a man. Since you are probably going to pay for the dinner on the first date, you should put your money in a simple yet stylish wallet. It should be a plain leather wallet with no writing on it like a dollar sign. 

Choose Your Shoes Carefully

Shoes may be one of the last things you may think of when it comes to determining if you succeed or not on your first date. You should ensure that you spend some time choosing the type of shoes you are going to wear to complete your perfect look. It would be rather disappointing to have a suit on while you are wearing shoes that aren’t well-polished, or far worse, wearing flip-flops. She will notice what shoes you are wearing even though you might have good looks or are financially blessed. 


First dates are crucial since they determine if the two of you are compatible, and many people surprisingly make their decisions based on the first date. Many factors may contribute to whether or not the date is successful, and the way you dress is one of them.

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