Top Bridal Panty Styles That You Must Check Out

Women have different panties for different occasions. There are regular panties, beach panties, period panties, and a lot more. But today, we are going to talk about bridal panties!

Bridal panties are the ones that are especially designed for new brides to make them feel sexy and glamorous. These panties are commonly made of high-quality satin, lace, or silk that’s makes them appear more attractive. One of the best brands for bridal panties is The Hunt Is Over Panty. They make unique bridal panties with that are especially designed to make your honeymoon spicy.

Here are some of the top bridal panty styles that every bride should know about.

  1. Hipster bridal panty

Starting off the list with some basics, these are hipster-style panties that are both stylish and comfortable to wear. The lacy edges and cute bows on the side are what makes these panties more glamorous. Hipster bridal panties are perfect for people who are too shy to be bold on the first night.

  1. Personalised bridal panty

Who would have thought something like this existed? If you want something more than regular bridal panties, then this could be the best option for you. There are services that customise wedding panties for new brides. You can have your wedding date or name printed or stitched on your panty.

  1. Sequenced bridal panty

These are very feminine bridal panties that you can never go wrong with. Sequenced bridal panties are often decorated with bows on the front and laces on the side. The word ‘bride’ is done with sequences to create a glamorous effect.

  1. Lace back bridal panty

You have probably seen panties with lacy fronts, and never a panty with a lacy back. Being a bride, you have full rights to do things differently in your wedding. These panties are all about being sexy. Usually, the front part of these panties are made of quality silk fabric.

  1. High waist bridal panty

You will also find bridal panties with a high waist design. These panties are made of soft material. They are designed to cover the top part of your waist. It feels like wearing a body shaper or the lower body parts. Not to mention, they also feel soft against the skin.

Final Words

Bridal panties are a must-have for every woman planning to marry soon. These panties are exactly like regular panties. The only thing is that they are made as a part of the bridal collection.

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