Top Expert Tips to Select Fabric with Confidence

Have you been looking for the perfect fabric for your dress? Not able to find the appropriate quilting fabric? Selecting the proper color, texture, and most importantly, choosing the material can be a confusing task. However, these are some of the factors to consider to select the perfect fabric for designing purposes. Let us take a close look at these determining factors:

Using A Color Wheel

According to the experts, you need to know the color palette quite intricately. The more you know about different shades, the easier it will be for you to select the fabric. The color wheel, technically, consists of twelve colors. These colors are the rainbow set, which depicts the close relationship between these and show you the transition correctly.

Complementing Color Schemes

The next thing you need to determine would be the color scheme. The best combination would complement the primary colors, made of two or more hues, which might be the opposite. You can refer to the color wheel and choose the complementing colors to combine them correctly. Remember that these color combinations enhance positivity in the surroundings.

Refer to The Recipient’s Choice

In case you have been designing a quilt to gift someone, you need to consider his/her choices as well. If it is a child’s gift, try to blend some bright colors with attractive fabric panels.

Inspire Yourself

Research and check out the inspirational works of the experts available in the market. There is no end to exploration when it comes to fabric. Refer to magazines, books, and even online platforms to draw your inspiration for choosing the appropriate material for your quilt.

Never Forget the White

White is one of the most loved colors as it offers perfect clarity as well as contrast to the fabric. That is why you cannot miss involving the white prints or layers while creating a unique design with your material.

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