Top Three Cap Fits and Styles For You

Caps come in so many varieties. They are a timeless and versatile piece of headwear that can serve many people in many ways. You might be a one-cap-for-a-lifetime kind of person, or someone who has an entire wardrobe dedicated to the latest collections and limited editions; a connoisseur of sorts. A good portion of people probably sit somewhere in the middle, maybe you have a small collection based on your favourite team, perhaps you’ve found your favourite fit and bought one in every colour! Or, like most of us, you’ve got no idea what the heck you’re collecting but you have four or five floating around somewhere and you’re not 100% sure when you picked them up.

Let’s be adults now and learn our ABC’s of cap fits and organise just this one part of our lives. You will find the perfect fit and style that suits you best! We aren’t going to complicate things, so we’ve narrowed it down to

  1. Flexfit Snapback
    You should all know what a snapback is. This is arguably the most classic, flattering and wearable style in this list. The classic shape has a snap closure in the back, and most often features a flat brim – of which you can choose to bend in or leave flat. Especially with Flexfit Australia, the fit on these comfy hats are highly adjustable with added sturdy elastic and a high profile. The Flexfit Snapback is an icon in this space and the high tech material options bring in a whole new category of features and benefits to think about – we’ll save this topic for later.
  2. Adjustable Hat –
    This is a cap that divides the nations of hat-wearers. Is it too kiddy? Is the velcro closure simply part of the charm? Should this hook and loop fastener be shunned to the isle of 5 panel caps only?! What we have to say one this is – do it your way. Many pros of this style are based around the full control of the adjustment, but the longevity of the closure can often turn people away from investing in a long-term life partner of a headwear accessory. Most commonly seen along coastal towns where hats are often lost in the adventure sports that happen here.
  3. Fitted Hat –
    Another popular option, these non adjustable caps could be the perfect fit for you, every time. Having a precisely fitted and fixed hat can claim this bad boy as your own – no sharing. It is also extremely versatile with the options of curved and/or flat brims. Most of these fits are available in a structured cap with a high profile for a look of authority. These caps are available in a range of sizes from tiny baby’s through to the big mammoth heads with circumferences of 60cm plus!

Caps are more than simply a front brimmed piece of headwear; they can be worn as an identifier, as protection against the sun, or a prolific artifact of you personality. They come from all levels of design – luxury to couture to the two-dollar store around the corner! They are made for all people, all statements, everywhere. Hopefully this explained the differences between three of the main types of cap and gets you closer to finding the right fit.


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