Types Of Emerald Earrings At Nikola Valenti

Emeralds have a sense of subtleness and sophistication that people love. You can wear them at parties, anniversaries, and even at the office to match your attire. A lot of people choose emerald because it is their birthstone. And when you are particularly looking for something to grace your ears, Nikola Valenti has got different types of emerald earrings you can shop for yourself or present someone. Here is everything you need to know about earring styling:

Types Of Emerald Earrings You Can Buy At Nikola Valenti

Emerald is very unique, plus they are not as costly as diamonds. They are not high-maintenance and thus, you can wear emerald earrings regularly. Also, the gemstone comes in different sizes and each one is unique. There are mainly three basic options in emerald earrings

Stunning Tales Of Emerald Studs


When you cannot decide between different types of earrings, studs are the best choice. Emerald stud earrings look very powerful when you wear them and yet they have this tendency to stay neutral. You can wear them with dresses, or office wear or you can even match them with your favorite topper with cool jeans; they look perfect. They are the best types of emerald earrings, anyone, with a discrete and simple sense of styling love.

The best part is they come in different types of stone settings and shapes. Choose your favorite shape of emerald stud earring at Nikola Valenti where there are cushion cut and multi-stone earrings both.

Dangle Your Way With Emerald Drop Earrings

If you are someone with a long-neck, drop earrings are your best friend. They look beautiful reflecting light through them on your neck and pull all the attention of the onlookers on your body’s one of the best features. They hang through an o-ring attached to the back keeping them in place, they are free-flowing and move each time you move to increase drama in your look. Also, according to the size of your neck, you can choose to go for different types of emerald drop earrings available at Nikola Valenti.2

Neither A Dangler Nor A Stud, Its Emerald Hoops

They can be said a sub-version of stud earrings when a single emerald stone is added a full hoop decorated with stones or just hoop of plain metal, they turn into emerald hoop earrings. They have this fun element to them; they reflect the carefree and soulful nature of a person. Hoop types of emerald earrings can come in full hoops and ‘J’ hoops (the half hoops).

Nikola Valenti has become one of the top choices of shoppers to find the right earrings. If you are a person who doesn’t like things shiny, you always have an option available in emeralds.

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