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Vaseline is a compound of natural wax and mineral oils. As the manufacturers claim, this product is designed to protect the skin of the face and body from external stimuli. Nowadays petroleum jelly is used as an ingredient for the preparation of all kinds of care products in the form of masks, conditioners, lotions for dry and oily skin. Can it provide this kind of help to hair in barbershop on Manhattan?

On the Internet, you can often stumble upon articles that talk about the miraculous properties of Vaseline in hair care. Many people write that this product fights split ends well. Others claim that it has the capacity to moisturize and accelerate hair growth. Is it all true? Let’s figure it out.

As for split ends, it should be noted right away that they will not disappear if you use this tool. Like any other product that is sold on the shelves of cosmetic stores, it is unable to solve this problem. Only scissors help. But like coconut oil, it can help to prevent split ends. In other words, petroleum jelly is a remedy for the prevention of such a phenomenon.

When you decide to use it, try not to overdo it, otherwise, your clean hair will immediately become greasy and unkempt. Apply some petroleum jelly to your curls before going outside, or if you don’t like to dry your hair naturally, use it before blow-drying as well. It would be enough.

Regarding accelerated hair growth thanks to petroleum jelly, there is no scientific evidence to support this. It is more likely to save your hair from breakage and dryness, however, you can experiment and apply it fondly to the roots of your hair, massaging your scalp. Massage helps blood circulation. Repeat the procedure at least once a week and observe the result.

Petroleum jelly also helps in the fight against dandruff, itchy scalp, if it is applied directly to the roots. You can add a small amount to your usual masks and hair conditioners for a double effect.

But if you notice your hair starts to dull when you use petroleum jelly, try other products like shea butter. No hair pomade or wax nearby? Use petroleum jelly. While styling, dry your hair a little, rub some product into your palms and use your fingers to model the hairstyle. But, as previously stated, don’t use too much petroleum jelly. Styling it can also remove the frizzy effect, but it will most likely be too heavy for fine and weak hair.

If you start to suffer from baldness, smear petroleum jelly on the affected area before going to bed. Then wrap your head in a towel and leave it overnight. Repeat it again once a week. It will be enough.

Try applying a small amount of petroleum jelly to a small area of your skin and leaving it on for a couple of minutes before using. If you do not observe any allergic reaction during the day, you can safely use it as a hair care product.

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