All the shopping that you are doing for you and your soulmate are done cautiously. You are aware of the latest fashion trends and what is hot and what is not. You splurge freely when it comes to adding new trends to your wardrobe. You follow the articles on the fashion magazine thoroughly and make for a very stylish and trendy looking couple, but what about your little toddler? Of course you love him/her, but do you put so much thought while dressing them up? You might think that as kids, their comfort should be the only priority, but you can actually add a stylish look to the already cute toddler of yours with huge savings using Deal Voucherz. Big brands across the globe have introduced collection lines for toddlers which promise comfort along with trend. All you need to do is be a bit more careful while shopping and choose the things you buy with the same cautiousness that you use while shopping for yourself. Read on to transform your little one’s wardrobe completely!

  • BORROW THE COLORS FROM RAINBOW! Your toddler is cute and innocent. This is the age when they are carefree and happy. Let that reflect on their outfits as well. Think red, green, pink, purple, yellow and all other bright colors you can think of. Avoid using dull colors like grey or off white until it is a very stylish outfit that is a must have for your little one’s wardrobe.
  • THE CASUAL WEARS: Nothing beats tee and shorts when it comes to toddlers’ wardrobe. The pair looks stylish as well as comfortable to the highest level. Choose tees featuring the favorite cartoon characters of your toddler. Choose bright colors or color blocked tees. You can also choose tees with cute and tiny captions. Pair up the tee with shorts. Denim is a favorite for all ages, but you can choose colorful cotton shorts as well. For your little girl, you can choose a tiny little skirt which matches with her tee.
  • THE STYLISH KID: If you are dressing up your toddler for a party, make sure to make him/her look stylish. Layer up their outfits with jackets and scarfs. Make your baby girl wear a tiny little skirt with a sassy top and boots. It is better to avoid heeled shoes or sandals. Whatever footwear you choose, make sure that they are comfortable in them and not only look stylish.
  • ACCESSORIZE: Childhood is the time when nothing is too much. Sunglasses for toddlers are available which will add to their stylish look. Choose the oversized ones for your toddler to enhance the style statement. Use hats and bracelets to compliment the look. For your baby girl, you can use fancy hairbands and if you have already got her ears pierced, choose cute looking earrings. Make sure that the earrings are not very heavy and uncomfortable for her little ears.
  • TWINNING! It is a new trend these days to twin with your toddler. You can wear identical outfits with your toddler. You can choose similar fabrics for your as well as your toddler’s outfits and same colors. It will be difficult to get identical looking outfits in the market for you and your toddler. So you can ring the bells of an experienced tailor and tell him to cut out exactly same looking outfits for you and your toddler. However, certain differences might be needed so that comfort is not compromised for both of you. If you are the mommy and twinning with your daughter, choose similar accessories as well. However, skip the makeup part for your toddler because it is not very healthy for her. Once you are ready, feel free to hit the roads or a party in similar looking clothes and you two will be the head turners for sure. This will be the best ever investment on wardrobes of you and your toddler as well!
  • THE VINTAGE LOOK: Let your little boy sport the vintage look with suspensors attached to his trousers. Add a tiny bow to enhance the look. Dungarees are forever favorites for toddlers. They are comfortable as well as stylish. Dress up your little girl in a long gown, however make sure that the length does not make her trip over.

So once you have read all of these, feel free to transform the wardrobe of your toddler. Your toddler might have some favorite pieces of clothing. Respect his/her choice and dress your little one in the most stylish way!


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