Wear your winter hat with style – follow these tips

Wear your winter hat with style – follow these tips

Winter is that time of the year when you can flaunt your winter outfit – boots, mittens, scarf, and winter hats. Winter hats for women are vast. There are various styles to choose from. Each style can be worn in many different ways. Follow these styling tips to keep in style this winter.

  • For go-to-look, you should wear a bucket hat or a beanie. It goes well with almost anything. Choose the right size for your head. You know how unforgiving the winter wind and you surely want your hat to stay on your head despite the winter gusts of wind.
  • Wear a bright-colored beret hat. A beret hat with a solid bright color can accentuate your overall look. It matches your winter coat. In fact, a solid bright color beret matches any outfit. So, you can never go wrong when wearing a beret.
  • Wear a fedora. If you are going to wear a fedora in winter make sure you wear it with wardrobe classics such as straight cut jeans, overcoat, and a loafer.
  • Wear a baker boy hat in style. This type of hat looks life a fusion between a beret and a baseball cap. It matches any type of outfit. If you look at its structure, it is simple and less daunting than a fedora.
  • Wear a Cossack hat. This type of hat is the perfect match for your fabulous fur coat. Pair your Cossack hat with a camel coat and heels – a true epitome of class.
  • For unforgiving winter, wear a trapper hat. It is shearling lined and has flaps to cover your ears and back of your neck. So, whether it is the harsh winter or the rain that comes in it, know that you have an added level of protection if you wear a trapper hat.

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