What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is almost here.  Are you ready?  Have you already gotten a gift for your father, or do you like the excitement that racing around at the last minute trying to find the perfect gift brings you?  If you are the later then it is time to think about what you are going to get because time is running out.  Have you considered a special watch like the ones found at E.D. Marshall Jewelers?  E.D. Marshall Jewelers carries some of the finest watches available in Scottsdale, even in the entire Phoenix valley.  We feature both new and pre-owned watches.

Rolex, the Swiss luxury watch maker, offers a wide assortment of high-precision timepieces.  New this year is the Yacht-Master 42.  Like other Rolex professional watches this watch features extraordinary legibility even in the dark due to its Chromalight display.  Inside the watch is equipped with caliber 3235, a self-winding watch movement with excellent accuracy and power reserve developed by Rolex.  Come in to learn more about this spectacular watch.

Meticulous work on the internal watch works is a hallmark of Patek Philippe watches.  You are assured of the finest craftsmanship through a combination of advanced technology and artisanal wisdom.  Their annual calendar line offers watches that incorporate rose or white gold for a unique look.


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Seiko is a name that many Americans know when it comes to outstanding watches.  If your father is an avid scuba diver he may enjoy receiving the Seiko Prospex Diver, a modern remake of Seiko’s 1968 Diver’s watch.  It features water resistance to a depth of 660 feet (200 meters).  It is also a stylish watch out of water with a sapphire crystal and stainless steel case.

Father’s can have many hobbies.  If yours enjoys flying high into the sky he may also enjoy an IWC pilot’s watch with dopple chronograph.  The first IWC pilot’s watch was made in the mid-1930’s.  The original pilot’s watches featured large crowns that were easy to grip while wearing thick gloves and a padded flight suit so that they could be wound or reset to a new time.  Since the early pilot’s watches IWC has continually improved their watches to meets the needs of the modern pilot.

Franck Muller watches are one of the finest and most complex in the world. The company was started in Geneva with the goal of creating exclusive timepieces characterized by complicated movements and highly original designs.  The degree of hand finishing and craftsmanship on Franck Muller watches stands out within the industry.  The care, patience and attention given to each component is incredible.  E.D. Marshall Jewelers is proud to offer both new and used watches made by this very unique company.


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Hamilton watches are characterized by American spirit and Swiss precision.  When looking for a Swiss made watch for your father that offers quality as well as exceptional style you need to look no further than a Hamilton watch.  What better way to show your appreciation of him.  The Khaki Field watch is perfect for men who expect both functionality and style in their watches.  With up to 80 hours of power reserve it is a timepiece he can rely on at home and in the field.

While some people may think of Girard-Perregqux for their fine women’s watches they also make an extensive line of men’s watches.  In 2016 the Laureato made a comeback in the form of a limited edition.  Its success has led to a contemporary line of watches with unique design and excellent timing.  Cases come in 4 diameters and are made of steel, gold, or two-tone steel and gold.

We have mentioned only a few of the brands of watches available in our store.  Fathers deserve only the finest gifts and watches show him how much you love and honor him.  It’s not too late to pick up fine watches in Scottsdale at E.D. Marshall Jewelers.

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