What to Wear from the First Date to the Fourth

Navigating the dating world in this modern era can be a fun adventure. You’ve got multiple dating apps at your fingertips, all designed to make the dating process as smooth as possible.

Once you find yourself a suitable candidate on one of those dating apps, make the necessary small talk, and set up your first date, it’s time to assemble the perfect outfit.

You’ve got to find the outfit that’s going to put you in the best position to meet this exciting new person with as little nerves as possible, so that you’re just comfortable enough to be vulnerable and make a connection. Should you manage to nail that first date outfit, it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re already planning on what you’re going to wear for the fourth date!

With that being said, let’s take a look at what to wear on that first date!

Find the right pair of jeans

You want to make sure that you’re rocking a pair of jeans that fit just right, and don’t require you to fidget with them throughout the date.

You what to avoid those moments when you go to sit down or stand up and realize your jeans need to be pulled up or loosened, so that you can focus your energy on that gorgeous person seated across from you, and not on what your jeans are doing.

So, where to lock down the perfect pair of petite jeans? The pair of jeans that say you’re making an effort, but not trying too hard?

White House Black Market has a collection of top-notch jeans that’ll have you swooning. For instance, their petite mid-rise coated croc-embossed skinny jeans are top rated, and have that kind of chic style that make them pair well with just about anything.

They always have new arrivals and have a great refund and return policy so you can by as many select styles as you want to try on before making a final decision.

What should you wear next?

So, you’ve got a lead on a great pair of jeans, and now you’re looking ahead on down the road to a future scenario where you’ve been on a few dates with this awesome person.

You guys have forged a meaningful connection and have plenty of chemistry.

You’re both gearing up for the moment when one of you invites the other over to their place. It’s game time.

This usually happens around the fourth date, and if everything goes as it should maybe a beautiful moment in the history of your relationship. It’s time to break out the lingerie.

The right sexy undergarments will make you feel confident, powerful, and seductive. So, how are you going to pick that perfect lingerie?

Opt for Spicy Lingerie

You want to pick out the lingerie that leaves a lasting impact in that special someone’s memory.

Spicy Lingerie has a steamy collection of sexy lingerie. Whether you find yourself in the mood for a new corset, or trying to ramp up your underwear game, Spicy Lingerie delivers on all fronts.

You can find a lot of alluring options in their weekly deals section too. Sexy panties don’t have to be expensive — you can upgrade your lingerie wardrobe without breaking the bank. There’s no better time to put in the extra effort and money than this present moment.

Now it’s just up to you to make the moves on the jeans that’ll carry you through to that fourth date scenario where you’re unveiling the kind of spicy lingerie that can send someone sailing into a blinding sea of lust.

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