What You Need To Know Before You Buy a Minimalist Watch

What exactly are minimalist watches? They seem to be for sale on many websites including the big retailers.


A minimalist watch generally is one having steel and black color layouts; (something magical about what major watch makers can do that makes it seem just right). Having markings that are square with a black watch face that is void and the wearer gets narrowing hour and minute hands and a second hand that is ultra slim. Everything seamlessly blends from the steel bezel right into the mesh bracelet. I know because I am wearing one.

Why designed this way

Watches were designed or invented to tell time but watches currently on the market can be valued much more for their aesthetics than the task they do. And why not? Watches add distinction to the great outfit you might be wearing.  The best way to find “only a watch” is simply to search for ‘minimalism’. Simple, classic and a timeless piece of jewelry that only tells time. This might be exactly what you are looking for. Especially for men, the minimalist watch will ensure you get the most out of your next purchase of a watch – one that only tells time. To see what I am talking about, click here!

Wrongly termed

The term “minimalism” in my opinion, has been thrown around a lot in today’s market for watches. Many companies who make watches are abusing the term and doing a real disservice to those companies that represent minimalism in an effective way.

Style of design

Minimalism is a style of design which implies by its definition that some actual design is needed. Minimalism as a principle design is about the effort to strip something down to only its essential elements, or lines. With these lines and elements, the watch creates a clear and effective representation of themes and ideas. To understand good minimalism, look at signs on streets or other municipal signs. They are designed as just enough to effectively show their information on and not more – a minimalism watch tells the hour and the minute (and in some cases the seconds) and nothing more.

Sense of art

Minimalism is a work of art by telling only one message and doing it effectively. The most valuable incorporation of this minimalism design has been to graphic design as well as visual marketing industries. They carefully took lessons from the artistic principle of design and used it for message conveying to very large audiences.

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