Why is lapis lazuli getting more expensive?

Why is lapis lazuli getting more expensive?

The price of lapis lazuli should be treated differently from the quality grade of lapis lazuli. The best lapis lazuli is with fine texture, rich color, and no white spots. The next is scarab stone, which is covered with dense particles of pyrite family tree necklace. Followed by Hasten Parturitian Stone, blue and white turbid together, the amount of blue is small.

In the current market, the price trend of lapis lazuli is rising linearly. The appreciation space is the same as that of gold. It’s also growing in popularity. Because of its blue is same as the blue sky and the ocean, it gives people a feeling of heart and soul. It is the representative of mysterious custom name rings jewelry.

Lapis lazuli is a stone with a long history. It has been mined and utilized by Central Asian countries as early as 6,000 years ago. After thousands of years of mining, good mines is almost dug up. Lapis lazuli birthstone rings lover who have a deep understanding of it may know that lapis lazuli is also divided into new mines and old mines like jadeite. The old mines are of good quality, but they have basically not been able to dig out lapis lazuli. Although new mines have been discovered, the local government has imposed many restrictions on the exploitation of new mines. This has raised the price of lapis lazuli personalized birthstone necklace from the source. From 2006 to now, the price of the source has more than doubled.

The lapis lazuli is the national stone of Afghanistan, and the local government attaches great importance to it. Afghanistan has been at war for years and the government has been unable to take account of lapis lazuli cute necklaces for girlfriend exports. But now things are looking up in Afghanistan, and lapis lazuli, a non-renewable resource, is being increasingly regulated by the government, leading to lower prices and export volumes.

1. Highest grade. The best quality personalized mothers ring lapis lazuli is no white and no gold spot, there are few in the market, of course, the price is not cheap and can not be estimated. According to the collection value, such lapis lazuli is suitable for collection appreciation.
2. 5A grade. Lapis lazuli with a better fineness (no white and less gold spot). There is not too much on the market. It can also be classified as collectibles.
3. 4A grade. Lapis lazuli with good fineness(less white and less gold spot). These levels are common in the market.
4. 3A grade and below. Lapis lazuli with general fineness(with gold and white spot). This level of lapis lazuli is cheaper.

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