Why should we use Organic Protection Masks

These days when COVID 19 is spreading worldwide and no medicines found to prevent from it till today. There is only a way that we protect ourselves from this pandemic through social distancing. All the governments are forcing the people to wear face mask these days. Now just think how many masks are being used and thrown into garbage worldwide. We must think to make and use the Compostable Masks to cure the environment from being polluted. Now many people awaken for this and moved to use 100% Organic Masks.

Today in this pandemic situation we have limited options to keep ourselves away from CORONA Virus and the Protection Masks are one of them. Whenever we have to move out of our home, we should use the mask that can protect us from COVID 19. Normally we should change a mask twice a day if we are moving out frequently and so we must use the reusable masks. The mask which we have used should be washed and it should be reused a day after. We must avoid throwing Safety Masks in an open area. Else the biodegradable masks are the best option that can prevent our earth’s water & soil that can be contaminated from non-eco-friendly materials.

Organic masks are generally made through the use of bamboo, cotton and natural rubber materials. They are washable and recommended to be reused until its life cycle. There is no chemical colours are used in the making of it and so it is safe to use on sensitive skin. They are available in the market with a variety of options like double layer, triple-layer and are specially made for health workers who have to fight all day against corona virus. People should use normal organic masks as there is no need for them to use masks like N95 or higher models. The corona virus cannot even pass through a normal cotton cloth. The care we have to take is just don’t touch the masks directly from the front side, whenever you remove or wear a mask hold it from the corners of it.

The benefit of the organic masks is that it can be disposed of without any special process and it is highly favourable for our ecosystem too. These days masks are used in millions and if we will not stop using non-biodegradable masks, we may have to face side effects of it’s in a short period. Non-organic masks can create a problem for us. It is also seen that wearing a non-organic mask continually for a longer period generates health issues related to breathing. It decreases the supply of oxygen to our body.

Overall, we must take care of our ecosystem and try to keep it free from pollution as it is directly beneficial to our health and can prevent us from many unknown deceases by making our immune system strong. And that is how we can give our future generation a healthy life.

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