Wise Choices for the Best Sunscrean

Before spreading (abundantly and frequently), you must first choose the right cream. Our advice is to find yourself among the signs of protection and other allegations sometimes fanciful. There comes the best choice of the kem chống nắng hàn quốc tốt nhất hiện nay now.

Summer is finally here. Let’s cross our fingers

No question of exposing your skin to the evils of the sun: consider using a sunscreen at each exposure and after each swim. Opt for a cosmetic that guarantees protection against UVB (which causes skin cancer) and UVA (which are responsible for skin aging, which we know today that it also contributes to the development of skin cancer).

What protection index, Watson?

Different types of filters, chemical or mineral, are used and sometimes even combined in the same product. If their effectiveness is proven, it is important to know that no filter protects the skin 100%. The law also prohibits the mention “total screen” in recent years.

In sum, the difference between protection 30 and 50 is theoretically minimal, and it is above all the frequency and the quantity of product used that will affect its efficiency. Also note that in recent years, European manufacturers are required to include in their products a protection against UVA. This equates to one-third of the UVB protection displayed.

Sour creams

Our colleagues have tested around twenty sun creams with a medium protection factor (SPF 30). Good news, the majority fulfills perfectly its role of protection against UVA and UVB.

Two creams, on the other hand, were rated poorly because of poor UVA protection. These are “Avon A new Advance Sunscreen Body Mist” and “Eco Sunscreen with sea buckthorn extract and olive”. If they are not commonly sold in supermarkets in Switzerland, they are sometimes found on the internet and you may meet them during your holidays. Avoid them!

Hot blow for manufacturers

Only the indications of protection are really important for the choice of a sunscreen. However, every year, cosmetics manufacturers are very inventive, pulling from their sombrero allegations more or less useless. 


DNA protection: All UV filters help protect the DNA of our cells from damage caused by the sun’s rays. Some brands add plant extracts that enhance this effect. However, to date, the formal proof of the effectiveness of these extracts has not been established. Only UV filters really protect our skin.

With infra-red protection: this protection against the rays responsible for the feeling of heat is still controversial among scientists. Indeed, it is still unclear if they cause damage to our cells. They can, however, cause “heat stroke”, against which it is better to protect oneself by properly hydrating and sheltering during the hottest hours.

Natural tanning activator: some creams contain licorice extracts to speed up the tan. While it is true that it improves somewhat the color of the skin, it does not mean that a sunscreen without these plant extracts prevents tanning. Indeed, the skin is bronze to defend against the sun.

Without parabens: if this curator raises many questions (see also our campaign on endocrine disruptors in cosmetics), it does not affect the effectiveness of the cream. However, it is better – and by far – to apply a cream containing preservatives than to expose oneself without protection! 

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